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Simple and effective VDRL Test Kit Manufacturer in India: Alpine Biomedicals

Syphilis is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease and if not tested in time, can be lethal as well. However, syphilis can also be congenital as it is a bacterial infection. The venereal infection is caused by the bacteria known as Treponema Pallidum. Contrary to the belief, the disease is 100% curable and must be treated with proper antibiotic dosages.

But the most important aspect of the diagnosis of the diseases is to find out the same as early as possible. The early detection of the disease not only helps the healthcare providers to treat the disease but also reduces the risk of any damage that the infection may cause. So, how can you detect if you have syphilis or not?

The first sign or symptom of Syphilis is the chancre, a small sore. The sore appears after three weeks of exposure around the spot where bacteria entered the body. However, many people don’t pay much attention to that as it seems harmless initially. Some people may develop multiple sores around the area as well. But that is the mistake made by them. So, what are the other ways to check for Syphilis?

The most effective and simple method is using a Syphilis test kit. Alpine Biomedicals have developed their simple to use VDRL test kit that can detect syphilis infection at the early stage.

Why choose Alpine Biomedical’s test kit?

The company is a VDRL test kit manufacturer in India that offers high-quality test kits to health institutions. The VDRL test kit determines the antibodies that a human produce when the body comes in contact with any pathogen or harmful microorganisms like virus and bacteria. The test kit is simple to use and is extremely safe. With the growing need for testing kits, the company has been able to impress the market with its kit’s performance and low cost.

Being a Syphilis test kit manufacturer in India, Alpine Biomedicals has tied up with leading diagnostic centers and hospitals to use their kit for early detection of the infection. This helps many people to stop the infection from reaching the later stages. The kits are safe and reliable to use. They are also investing a portion of their sales revenue into R&D to customize their kits to satisfy the ever-changing market demands.

Features of the Syphilis testing kit

The testing kit is very convenient to use even for the general public with no medical background. The ease and simplicity of use help people to use it without any technical help. Due to the small kit size, it is convenient to store the testing kit on the shelf and has a longer shelf life.

In addition to that, the testing kit results are easy to interpret. The kit comes with an instruction manual and a result interpretation manual. Both the manuals direct the users to use the kit and understand the results from the kit. You can keep the VDRL testing kit at your home for periodic inspection also. The advanced technology of Alpine Biomedicals Kit helps us to store the kit at room temperature and being cost-effective, the kit is also prescribed by physicians.

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