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HBsAg Rapid Test

The Ultimate Guide To The Fast & Accurate HBsAg Rapid Test

Fast & Accurate HBsAg Rapid Test – The rapid test for HBsAg is a very important test that doctors may recommend to you in one of your health checkups. The test requires the patient’s blood sample and checks for the presence of Hepatitis B virus in the blood. It is important to check for the presence of this virus as it can cause damage to your body in the long run.

In case your doctor has recommended you the test, there are several things you should know about it. Some of the most important factors are mentioned below.

What is the use of the HBsAg rapid test?

It is important to get an HBsAg rapid test done to detect the antigens for the Hepatitis B virus. Since it takes a few months after the infection to develop all the symptoms of HBV, a rapid test is a good way to detect the presence of this virus.

Hepatitis can be spread through various modes, for instance, vaginal secretions, seminal fluids, and also through blood. The virus causes the most damage to the liver. In most cases, the blood clears up in a short while without any medications or treatment.

However, a few people, especially, older people and newborns may struggle to get rid of this virus on their own. Due to this, the infection may develop into a chronic infection.

Most common symptoms of HBsAg infection

There are several symptoms that you can notice before you reach out to an HBsAg Rapid Test Manufacturer in India to get a test kit. One of the most common and important symptoms of HBV is a liver infection. The symptoms may be mild in the starting, but they will grow if it is an HBV infection.

Some other symptoms that can be useful in detecting Hepatitis B infection are fever, yellow eyes, and skin, and stomach pain, in some cases you may even lose your appetite. There could be some extreme cases where the patient may show signs of confusion or swelling as well. However, this is not a very common symptom.

Apart from these symptoms, some other factors may also influence an infection from HBV. Some of these are:

  • Sexual contact with a person infected with HBV
  • Intravenous drug use or needles used by an HBV-infected person
  • Being exposed to infected blood while working in the healthcare division
  • In case of organ transplant or even transfusion of blood

Test Result

All the tests developed by the HBsAg rapid test Manufacturer in India would be kits that will show either a negative or a positive symbol once the sample is put in. It is important to note that a negative test would mean that no Hepatitis B antigen was found in the body.

Final Words

Getting an HBsAg test done is important if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. In case, you have no symptoms but if you have been exposed to a risky situation, you would not want to take a chance and consider Alpine Biomedicals HBsAg rapid test as soon as possible.

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