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Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Manufacturers in India – Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd.

What are Rapid Diagnostic Tests?

Rapid Diagnostic Test is a medical diagnostic test that can be performed quickly and easily. Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) are used for preliminary or emergency medical screening. Medical facilities that have limited resources also use RDTs. Earlier, only laboratories could perform certain medical tests but now RDTs allow point-of-care testing in primary care. These test kits are so rapid that they provide test results within 2 hours and sometimes even in 2 minutes. Rapid Diagnostic Test kits are approved by FDA and WHO and are widely accepted by customers all over the world.

Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Manufacturers in India

With the increasing demand and adaptability of Rapid Diagnostic Test kits, there are millions of people who have benefitted from these test kits. We, Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd., feel that we can also contribute to society by providing effective yet affordable diagnostic test kits to everyone. We are one of the best Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Manufacturers in India. We have built a network of happy customers as well who have used our products. 

Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd. is actively involved in manufacturing clinical diagnostics detection kits. We use the combination of advanced electronic equipments, information technology and biotechnology to develop high-end products and solutions that benefit humanity. We offer a wide range of Rapid Diagnostic Test kits for 7 categories. These categories include Pregnancy, STD,Blood-Borne diseases, Vector-Borne diseases, Waterborne diseases, Respiratory diseases and Hepatitis. We are specialized in producing rapid test kits for the detection of the below-mentioned diseases;

  • COVID -19
  • HIV
  • Dengue
  • HCV 
  • Malaria
  • STD
  • Typhoid 

These tests only require one step and utilize a very less volume of the specimen. The best thing about the RDTs is that they do not require any medical training. They can easily be conducted by just reading and accordingly performing the mentioned instructions on the kit. These kits generally have a long shelf life and can be easily stored at room temperature. The result of these tests can easily be interpreted with the help of colored lines which are easily visible with naked eyes. 

Why choose us?

1. High-Quality products

We aim at providing the best quality testing kits to our customers. Thanks to our quality assurance team that is committed to detecting and removing even the minutest fault. We produce user-friendly diagnostic test kits that are easy to use and provide accurate results.

2. Infrastructure facilities

Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd. has high-tech and up to date infrastructure that ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. It enables us to meet our customers’ demands on time and to produce the best quality Rapid Diagnostic Test kits.

3. Wide product range

Rapid Diagnostic Test kits for seven product categories are available at Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd. Due to our diverse product portfolio, our customers can easily choose a complete diagnostic solution as per their needs.

If you are looking for Rapid Diagnostic Test kits, feel free to reach out to us. Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd. is committed to providing effective and high-quality products to our customers.

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