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The Company’s R&D expertise lies in the creation of non-infringing intellectual property and the solution of difficult chemistry problems, new drug delivery systems, dosage formulations, and the integration of cutting-edge technology are all in development at Alpine Biomedicals.

Alpine Biomedicals was established in 2017. We are dedicated to research, development, and production of rapid tests for immune- diagnostics. Since our inception, we have successfully implemented our strategy of growth through the development and marketing of novel diagnostic tests. The leading products include rapid tests for the detection of:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Fertility Tests
  • Respiratory Infection Tests
  • Drug of abuse
  • Cardiac Markers, and
  • Genetic Disorders

 The current production capacity is about 200 million tests per year. Product validations are performed in comparison to laboratory standard reference methods such as Elisa or HPLC. We put our technical know-how and expertise in product development, manufacturing, and product registration as per our customer’s requirement.

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