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Alpine Biomedicals manufactures and supplies Rapid Malaria Test Kit and Dengue Test Kit to help the various medical industries. Malaria test kits can detect Plasmodium falciparum as well as Plasmodium vivax infection. It is used to detect parasite infection even when the parasite density is low. Dengue test kits are used to diagnose primary and secondary Dengue infections by detecting IgG and IgM antibodies to the virus in human whole blood, serum, or plasma samples. Our kits are widely used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and medical centers and help people to detect the disease quickly with maximum accuracy.

Alpine Biomedicals is a leading Malaria Test Kit Manufacturer in India and the most reputed Dengue Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India offering a comprehensive selection of Rapid Test Kits that are designed for use when a preliminary screening test result is required. If you’re interested in buying bulk quantities of our products, you can reach out to us and our team will assist you in every possible manner.

Malaria and its treatment

There is a single-celled parasite called Plasmodium that causes malaria. The parasite is transferred to humans by the bites of infected mosquitoes. Malaria typically causes severe illness, including a high temperature and chills that cause trembling. People can potentially get malaria by coming into contact with contaminated blood since the parasites that cause malaria damage red blood cells, including:

  • pregnant woman to the unborn child
  • by use of blood transfusions
  • by exchanging drug-injecting needles

Malaria is still prevalent in tropical and subtropical nations while being rare in regions with mostly temperate climates. Every year, malaria kills more than 400,000 people and infects close to 290 million people worldwide. International health initiatives distribute malaria prevention medications and bed nets treated with insecticides to keep people safe from mosquito bites. Children who reside in nations with a high prevalence of malaria cases are advised to utilize a malaria vaccination, according to the World Health Organization.

While traveling, you can be protected with protective gear, bed nets, and pesticides. Additionally, you can take preventative medication prior to, during, and following a visit to a high-risk location. Common medications used to treat the disease have led to the development of widespread resistance to malaria parasites.

Dengue and its treatment

Dengue is a viral infection that is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are the main carriers of dengue. The symptoms of mild dengue fever include flu-like symptoms and a high temperature. In cases of severe dengue fever, also called dengue hemorrhagic fever, there can be significant bleeding, a sharp decrease in blood pressure, and shock.

Globally, millions of people suffer from dengue infections each year. About half of the world’s population is now in danger due to the sharp increase in dengue prevalence worldwide. Although between 100 and 400 million infections are thought to occur annually and more than 80% are often minor and asymptomatic. Dengue fever is most prevalent in Southeast Asia, the western Pacific islands, Latin America, and Africa. There have been localized outbreaks of the illness in Europe and the southern United States, among other places.

There is no particular treatment available for dengue. Death rates from severe dengue are reduced to about 1% due to the early detection of dengue because patients can have quick access to quality medical care. Vaccines against dengue disease are a current research focus. At the present, avoiding mosquito bites and taking measures to minimize the mosquito population are the best approaches to prevent illness in places where dengue fever is widespread. Thus, effective vector control methods are essential for preventing and controlling dengue. Long-term community engagement can significantly enhance vector control efforts.

Malaria and Dengue Test kits by Alpine Biomedicals

Alpine Biomedicals’ quick malaria test kits aid in the diagnosis of malaria by spotting signs of the parasites (antigens) in human blood through the use of species-specific complementary markers in the test device. The malaria test kits may be used to identify infection with Plasmodium. It is a single-step test that yields result in around 20 minutes. If the test is positive, the person should see a doctor for medical care.

Alpine Biomedicals’ diagnostic test for dengue fever makes use of certain complementary antibody markers to identify two types of antibodies, immunoglobulin G and M, in serum/plasma or blood. Multiple tests may be necessary for the diagnosis since the body’s immune system produces different amounts of antibodies depending on the condition. A result from the test will be available in about 20 minutes. In the event of a positive result, one should speak with their doctor about the initial phase of treatment. It has been proven that the dengue test is reliable since it is accurate in 98% of instances. The results of the dengue test might be impacted by certain medical conditions, such as prior dengue fever illnesses or infection with another arbovirus. To guarantee correct interpretation of the test findings, the person should visit a doctor if they have any concerns before taking the exam. Alpine Biomedicals is a top Malaria Test Kit Manufacturer in India so you can trust our test kits for the most accurate results. Alpine Biomedicals is well known as the best Dengue Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India among its customer base for providing high-quality test kits at affordable rates.

Features of our test kits

Being a fastest growing Malaria Test Kit Manufacturer in India and a reliable Dengue Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India, Alpine Biomedicals strives to provide the best test kits in the market.

  • Highly accurate results
  • Room temperature storage
  • Long shelf life
  • Reliable, convenient, and easy to use
  • Error-free testing
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