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Alpine Biomedicals is one of the fastest growing HIV Rapid Test Kits Manufacturers in India developing HIV test kits that are fully validated, hygienic, and ready to use for a set of interventions. We have grown honorably and harmoniously thanks to our legacy of quality and sincerity of purpose. We have attained recognition as one of the most reputed HIV Rapid Test Kits Manufacturers in India that has far outgrown its borders. Big-scale automation not only raises the quality of our kits but also satisfies consumer demand for large quantities. Being one of the leading HIV Rapid Test Kits Manufacturers in India, Alpine Biomedicals has embraced the best industry practices since we are fully aware of our responsibilities.

What is HIV?

HIV is a viral disease, which means it may multiply inside the host cell using a process known as reverse transcription. This permits the virus to incorporate itself into the host’s genome, resulting in the formation of viral proteins required for the virus’s reproduction. HIV is the cause of Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

There are two types of HIV. HIV type 1 has been isolated from patients with AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses as well as from healthy persons who are at a high risk of contracting the disease, whereas HIV type 2 has been isolated from patients with West African AIDS as well as from seropositive but asymptomatic people. Humans have immunological responses to both HIV-1 and -2.

In order to determine if a person has been exposed to HIV and to screen blood products for potential HIV infection, testing human serum or plasma for the presence of HIV antibodies has shown to be a useful tool.

HIV Rapid Test Kits by Alpine Biomedicals

Alpine Biomedicals is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing HIV Rapid test kits in India. HIV test kit is a chromatographic test for the accurate presence of antibodies produced against HIV infection in human serum, plasma, or blood. The procedure involves a blood sample and takes about 15 minutes to provide a result.

  • Our HIV Kits were designed and developed in our fully-equipped production facility, which uses a perfect blend of technological equipment and perfect knowledge.
  • With detailed instructions, Alpine Biomedicals HIV Kit ensures that expert information on various test techniques, etc. is provided.
  • These kits are designed to produce reliable results fast.
  • They are designed to be used in circumstances where an initial screening test result is required.

Features of our HIV Test Kits

Some of the amazing features of our HIV test kits are mentioned below:

  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Store at room temperature
  • No instrument required
  • Quick results
  • Error-free testing result
  • Competitive price

Treatment of HIV

HIV disrupts the immune system by killing T-helper cells, an essential component of the immunological response to infection. The virus is spread by bodily fluids, such as blood transfusions, pregnancy, unprotected intercourse, and infected needles. Occasionally, within the first month of infection, flu-like symptoms appear, which are then followed by an asymptomatic phase until the illness advances to AIDS. Fever, sleep sweats, fatigue, weight loss, and enlarged glands are some of the signs and symptoms of AIDS.

Highly-active antiretroviral therapy, often known as HAART, is a medication regimen that is recommended for the treatment of HIV. The medication must be taken according to a very strict schedule, at the same time each day. The medication regimen’s adverse effects include diarrhea, nausea, a rash, vivid nightmares, abnormal body fat distribution, and, if used inadequately, can result in viral mutation and treatment resistance. Additional medicine is needed to treat auxiliary infections if the illness develops into AIDS.

Being one of the prominent HIV Rapid Test Kits Manufacturers in India, Alpine Biomedicals is dominating the pharma market with its superior quality, accurate results giving test kits for convenient testing.

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