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How to Use Malaria Test Kit at Home?

The rapid malaria test kits are quick diagnostic instruments. These kits function by identifying malaria antigens in a small amount of blood. Some drops of blood are placed on the test strip and the results can usually be interpreted within 15–20 min. They are easy to use, require only some training, and give correct results. In regions with limited medical resources, these kits play a critical role in diagnosing and treating malaria promptly so as to avoid complications and reduce the spread of the disease.

Steps to Use a Malaria Test Kit at Home

To test for malaria at home, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go through the Directions: Read carefully through the instructions that accompany the malaria test kit. Ensure you have a clear understanding of every single step before you begin testing.
  2. Kit Preparation: Spread out all the components of your test kit on a neat surface. Normally, a kit consists of a test strip, lancet (small needle), dropper, buffer solution and alcohol swab.
  3. Clean Your Finger: Use an alcoholic swab to clean up your finger before it is pricked for blood. It ensures that area is sterile and decreases chances of infections.
  4. Prick Your Finger: Pierce the cleaned fingertip with a lancet. Push down on the lancet onto your skin so that it can produce blood sample.
  5. Collect Blood: Use drop off blood by dropper, or as per conventional battery if given in case of special collector in the kit.
  6. Apply Blood to the Test Strip: Apply collected blood into delimited section on test strip according to instruction as regards how much blood should be used.
  7. Add Buffer Solution: Put buffer solution as instructed into it’s location inside this stripe form where you previously put blood drops for examination purposes; this makes sure that blood moves across stripe properly and therefore accurate results will be obtained from that procedure.
  8. Wait for Results: Give ample time for results about 15-20 minutes usually– read out any movement of them during their course!
  9. Read Results from Test Strips: Check what markings are on the test strips after waiting period elapses when reading tests carried out within such period; interpretation procedures can also differ from one brand to another depending on how many lines or marks appear in each case-patient leaflets provide guidance here too.
  10. Dispose Of Used Materials: After following manufacturer’s instructions safely dispose all used materials including lancet, test strip and any other disposable parts.
  11. Keep the Test Results: Record the test results for future reference, especially if you are supposed to report them to your health care provider.

If done correctly according to these steps then one can effectively carry out malaria testing at home to ensure that it is timely diagnosed and treated.

Wrap Up

This blog helps you get the right information about using a malaria test kit at home, and if you also want to test malaria at home, you need a reliable malaria test kit for testing. You can partner with Alpine Biomedicals as your trusted choice for rapid test kits. We are a leading malaria test kit manufacturer in India, providing quality rapid test kits for home and away use.

All of our kits are certified and suitable for use. You can use these kits according to your convenience. If you still have any problems or doubts about using or selecting the Malaria Test Kit, you can contact us via phone number or email.

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