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Best Malaria Rapid Test Kit Manufacturers in India

Diseases caused by Mosquitos

Mosquito-borne illnesses are found in more than 150 nations worldwide. Mosquito-borne diseases afflict roughly half a billion people, culminating in around 1 million fatalities. Approximately 40 halves of all people in India acquire anopheles’ illnesses every year. Mosquitoes are perhaps the genesis of many diseases, including dengue fever, Malaria, brain fever, yellow fever, Typhus, etc. If the signs are not diagnosed early enough, many disorders can be fatal.


Plasmodium, a parasitic organism, causes Malaria. The sympathetic nervous system, irregular pimples just on the body, sweat, migraine, nausea, puking, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, muscular soreness, bloody feces, and other indications of Malaria are prevalent. The core temperature may reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit, causing severe migraines and muscle aches.

Alpine Biomedicals Malaria Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India Objective

In all individuals diagnosed with plasmodium, rapid serologic verification by microscopy or RDTs is suggested before therapy begins. As a result, both disease and non-endemic environments are progressively using malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) as a screening tool:


Microscopy is an established Alpine Biomedicals Malaria Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India that most clinical laboratories are acquainted with this pretty basic procedure. A thicker plasmodium smear may be performed in any facility conducting regular hematological testing. The microscopy examination can reveal helpful info within several seconds of blood sampling.


Often referred to as spine fever, Dengue fever causes headaches, high fever, muscular discomfort, muscle aches, rashes, and other indications. In dire situations, Alpine Biomedicals Dengue Rapid Test Kits Manufacturer in India developed kits it can contribute to profuse bleeding because it can take lives.

Alpine Biomedicals Dengue Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in India Objective

  • NS1 assays identify the dengue virus’s query component NS1. Throughout a dengue disease, this peptide is released into the bloodstream.
  • NS1 assays for serum were established. To recognize dengue NS1 antigen, most such techniques employ semi-synthetic labeled antigens.
  • NS1 has been discovered in whole intramuscular injections in investigations, although most NS1 assays have been designed and assessed on blood serum. Although paired screening with either an NS1 or IgM monoclonal antibody may typically produce a diagnosis result through the initial phase of infection, if both antigen and receptor assays are inconclusive, a second, post-acute sample should be collected and examined for IgM.


For all anopheles’ illnesses, there are no particular therapies. There are very few pro treatments commercially available, including allicin and chloroquine; there are very few specific therapies available for Dengue or Chikungunya since they are viral infections.

The most effective defense is to protect the kids by taking the appropriate procedures to avoid contracting an infectious disease. ‘Preventing,’ as people say. 

Mosquitoes like stagnant water as a breeding site. To discourage malaria transmission, regular cleaning of the storing water must be ensured at periodic intervals. You should regularly replace the water in plant pots, containers, coolers, and other containers at home.

It is critical to clean up your environment by removing undesired items such as cracked pots, flower vases, tires, and oil drums. And those are the primary water gathering points. Cleaning the roofs, floors, and furnishings of the home with antiseptics regularly is also required to maintain the environment clean.

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